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Låt inte Bucha falla i glömska

Låt inte Bucha falla i glömska

Visserligen någon vecka gammalt men nedan ett vittnesmål från Bucha återgett av Telegramkanalen Kotsnews översatt via Google Translate. Ta det för vad det är. Kan mycket väl vara propaganda men det kan också vara sant vilket jag misstänker det är med tanke på vad vi vet om händelsen.

De döda på gatan som syns på satellitbilder är troligen slumpmässiga offer för en rysk eller ukrainsk granatattack 9-11 mars just när ryssar tog över.

Massgravar är sannolikt krigsoffer. Massaker på civila är troligen utförda av ukrainska nazister när de gick in för att "rensa staden". Fler offer har haft vita armbindlar, den ryska färgen, och ryska nödpaket vilket tyder på att de setts som ryska kollaboratörer.

“The city is being cleared from saboteurs and accomplices of Russian forces.”

Låt inte Bucha falla i glömska. Oavsett om det var Ryssland eller Ukraina måste vi få en oberoende utredning som klarlägger vad som hände och vem som bär skulden för massakern på civila.


From a subscriber a cry from the heart:

"Good afternoon. I am a citizen of Ukraine, I am in Kyiv. We evacuated from Bucha on March 12th.

Our house (250 apartments) is completely looted. The Ukrainian press accuses the "Russian orcs" of plundering Bucha, and people believed it... But, a week has passed, and those single neighbors who still live in the house, in a whisper after you swear by Mom, the health of your children, and all the saints, horrified by the lawlessness they have seen, tell the Truth...

The Russians left Bucha on 30 March. And on the 31st, in the evening, the looting began. A brigade of more than 10 people in civilian clothes worked, but they were guarded and commanded by the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine around the clock. At night by headlamps.

They ransacked our house for three days (April 31, 1 and 2). All apartments were broken into and looted except for those four where there were people. Everyone knows about it, but they are silent. Even those whose relatives serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the police are silent! Everyone is immersed in animal fear! When women come up to them, they bow and with horror in their eyes begin to cry and say "Thank you" in a trembling voice. Such a reaction because they know that those whom we consider ours are killed immediately without warning.

Four out of six corpses found in the basement of a neighboring house were identified yesterday in Bucha. Two of them turned out to be door installers, and two were locksmiths! This is the elimination of witnesses, marauders who worked for three days for the "commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine"!

Now, our family has (or rather had) a dacha in a large village near Kiev. Phoned a neighbor. The village is destroyed, every 3rd house. Many people evacuated. Only those who have a cow remain ...

Our village was robbed by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which entered as soon as the Russian troops withdrew!!! Ten days. All houses are broken into and robbed!!! People are silent. A neighbor with small grandchildren went to Malin to his daughter, and handed over the cow and chickens to the care of a neighbor ...

A neighbor saw that “ours” were even taking furniture out of his house and ran to them: “Boys, why are you robyte, are we our own?! She was immediately shot under the fence ... And her husband too!

Why was Baba Masha killed??? Her milk cows mooed heart-rendingly for three days all over the district, because the neighbors were afraid to leave the hut even to go to the toilet, and went to the pot... On the third day, the warriors of light took pity and cut the throats of the poor cows... our village had 70-80 people. And they all robbed and killed!

Do you think that Ukraine is fascism? No, this is not fascism ... The Nazis did not rob or kill their own! This Satanism is fierce, senseless and merciless! They are not "ours", they are nonhumans!!! They couldn’t help but understand that in the village, though few, there are still people left... even though they sit in their huts and see what you have been doing these ten days with our village!!! Neighbors see your crimes... Bastards.

There are about 3,000 people left in Bucha, and about 40 in our village. People have seen everything, and they know everything and will tell everything!!! You will not kill all the witnesses of your fierce Satanism? And even if you come back, you won't kill everyone! The people cannot be killed... Thank God that it occurred to someone to withdraw the Russian troops from Kyiv... This decision is God's admonition... It put everything in its place...

And most importantly. Over the past three weeks, our family has lost everything: an apartment that we paid for 17 years, we built a summer house for 20 years, investing our souls, a car - everything ... But, Thank God, the children survived.

I still have trousers, shoes, a shirt and only shorts... I will survive this... Because I had a Dream... that "Russian orcs" will be given by God, will return to my beloved Kyiv, to my Bucha, to my village, and I will be able to enroll as a private with them in order to free my Batkivshchyna, my Motherland from the fierce Satanism that tormented our house in Bucha for three days, and tortured my beloved village for ten days ... "