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Der Spiegel: Why DER SPIEGEL Stands Behind Its Magnitsky Reporting


Former investor Bill Browder has accused DER SPIEGEL of having incorrectly represented the circumstances surrounding the death of the Russian Sergei Magnitsky. DER SPIEGEL rejects the criticism for the reasons we have outlined below.

On Nov. 23, DER SPIEGEL reported on the background of the so-called Magnitsky sanctions (the English report was published on Nov. 26). The sanctions, applied by the U.S. and others to Russian officials, are largely based on depictions provided by the former investor Bill Browder and are related to the fate of his employee Sergei Magnitsky.

Magnitsky died in 2009 in a Moscow prison under circumstances that haven't been completely clarified. Browder claims that Magnitsky was murdered because he had uncovered a tax scandal. The report from DER SPIEGEL describes the inconsistencies in Browder's version of events and demonstrates that he is unable to present sufficient proof for his claims.

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