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The Epoch Times: Sequel of Controversial Vaccine Documentary Highlights Parent Experiences


The documentary Vaxxed II: The People’s Choice, released Nov. 6, asks viewers to decide: Do you believe vaccine science is settled? Or is testimony of injury by thousands of parents enough evidence to warrant further inquiry?

The executive producer of Vaxxed II, Polly Tommey, is one of those thousands of parents. She believes her son, Billy, became autistic as a result of a measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccination in 1998. She made the film because, “I thought it was our duty as parents to warn future parents that they need to do their research because of what happened to us.”

Vaxxed II is a compilation of stories selected from the thousands that Tommey and her team heard while on tour for the first Vaxxed movie. These are stories of parents who took healthy children in for their vaccinations and noticed sudden and dramatic changes in them shortly thereafter. In many cases, these changes were the onset of a life-long condition.

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