Design Genetics

This work by Pål Bergström is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Design Genetics is a theory and model for the relationship between design and personality, behavior, and cultural expressions.

The universe is part of a larger system, a higher intelligence and consciousness. The essence is information. Everything already exists. All answers are available.

We live in a lower dimension temporarily decoupled from the whole as a drop of the greater consciousness. The purpose is to find our meaning, grow and develop our consciousness, our soul. The goal is to learn balance and unconditional love.

We live several lives in different personalities. Personality is an outer physical shell for this consciousness.

Together we create group consciousness at different levels. From family, business, team, city, region, country to humanity.

Our existence and personality as an individual or group consists of a number of polar forces that create the physical world; visually, culturally and behaviorally. Life has a meaning within the context of these forces.

The forces are the Binding, Freeing, Restraining, Expanding, Static, Moving, Slow and Fast forces.

The binding and freeing power is about connecting respectively breaking up information and meaning to find new answers.

Inward and outward is how much one expresses oneself and how much space one takes in a social context. We contribute with our consciousness and "our information" to create group consciousness.

Static and moving are how we connect meaning. With the left brain and thought patterns we create intellectual static meaning. Moving is related to the right brain, visual thinking and ability to see wholeness linked to emotions, the ability to feel and know the answer.

Speed ​​is how fast one moves in life, a complex pattern of information and meaning.

Each force is expressed through a given number of visual details and principles that are the same whether we are talking about design or behavior. For example, linear has the same meaning in design as behavior (to be square).

The Binding Force

Unite and connect information in order and patterns.

Visual Details

  • Linear Shape
  • Symmetry
  • Contrast (Clarity)
  • Heaviness (being grounded,solid)
  • Simplicity


rational, organized, clear, direct, simple minded, hard

The Freeing Force

Breaking up order and patterns of information to seek new ones.

Visual Details

  • Organic Shape
  • Asymmetry
  • Obscurity
  • Lightness (like air)
  • Complexity


irrational, free, agile, flexible, messy, vague

The Restraining Force

Restraining physical self, personality and information, with inward focus and takes up little space (if you think of personality as a sphere).

Visual Details

  • Small Volume/Shape
  • Restrained Color
  • Dark Color Tone
  • Closed Shape


silent, careful, restrained, accurate, difficult

The Expanding Force

Expanding physical self, personality and information, with outward focus and takes up a lot of space (if you think of personality as a sphere).

Visual Details

  • Large Volume/Shape
  • Expressive Color
  • Light Color Tone
  • Open Shape


open, social, careless, non-listening, dominant

The Static Force

"Freezing" information into a comprehensive pattern. The material principle of Universe. (Thinking).

Visual Details

  • Coldness
  • Hardness
  • Harsh Composition
  • Low Monotone Rhythm


detail-oriented, intellectual, clear, cold, calculating

The Moving Force

Movement of information. The flowing principle of Universe. (Emotions).

Visual Details

  • Warmth
  • Softness
  • Smooth Composition
  • High Variable Rhythm


holistic, warm, soft, temperamental, inconsistent

The Slow Force

Slow "movement" of information (can take different forms).


slow pace, accurate, careful, slow minded, paralyzed

The Fast Force

Fast "movement" of information (can take different forms).


fast pace, fast thinker, effective, careless, sloppy