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USA needs a Heimlich maneuver

USA needs a Heimlich maneuver

The United States of American needs a drastic intervention before if chokes on its on problems and drags the rest of the world with it in the fall. It has to spit out the corruption, Deep State and Secret Government, the truth about 9/11 and so much more.

More importantly, it has to spit out the twisted self image and become a country among other countries. The need to always win and to be the best is destructive. It's a sign of poor inner self-confidence.

The US military is an example of that trait. What Americans see as heroes fighting for democracy and freedom many around the world regard as mercenaries fighting for an evil militaristic empire that needs to be the biggest and strongest kid on the block when in reality he's just trying to boost his self-confidence. Now and then he helps the weaker kids but that's not often.

The empire need to collapse. At least into it's own borders. We, the rest of the world, need a USA that is a nation equal to other nations on planet earth, a friend and creative powerhouse that can help build a better world.

It would be symbolic if the collapse happens during Trump's watch considering his history. But if he puts his pride and narcissism ( his biggest enemy) away he can hopefully be the leader that makes the much needed transition. Then, only then can America be great again.