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Henry Giroux is the fascist not Trump

Henry Giroux is the fascist not Trump

Listen to this nonsense. Henry Giroux twist the facts and it's scary to listen to him. He see things that are not there, using a dictionary with his own definitions. Everyone that oppose him are white nationalist, fascists and racist. Very intolerant and bigoted.

We are already living in a fascists system. An evolution from Nazism 1945 using deception and propaganda wrapped in liberal and socialistic ideas, embraced also by regular parties in Europe that are seemingly on the right but are not, together with global corporations and banks to get people going in the direction towards a One World Government which is the ultimate goal. UN Agenda 2030 and the climate hoax are part of this devious plan.

I call it Nazism 2.0 though this time the blame is on other people (with plenty of antisemitism on the left). That is what Henry Giroux seems to support though he doesn't understand that fascism can take different forms.

A one world government can not be anything else than fascist, totalitarian and undemocratic. Trump is not perfect and sometimes says stupid things but he's the only chance we got to break this development by dealing with the corrupt Deep State. Unless he is stupid enough to start a new imperialistic war.