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Trump has two domestic enemies – one is the Deep State, the other is the American psyche


Thank good Donald Trump won and not Hillary Clinton. If it's not a psyop, and knowing Americans by now that is a possibility in order to keep us believing and passive while they start another war, it seems the justice system is slowly working to take down the Deep State where Clinton seems to be a major player. That's a good sign. Hopefully we will soon see some arrests in regards to #Spygate. Any year now.

Trump's foreign policy is a bad sign. Still the same American elephant in the porcelain shop. Not much has changed there. In many ways it's worse.

The policy against Venezuela is a disaster. Socialism is like dog whistle for Americans. True, it will never work but let them choose their own destiny (no, it's not a dictatorship). And to be fair, US sanctions and economic warfare has been and is a major problem. With the risk of sounding like a commie but American Imperialism is a real thing. They should work with them instead, helping them on their terms. Everyone will be amazed by what will happen then. For one thing they will be less extreme in their socialist ambitions.

Capitalism will never work either. Look at USA. You can make a long list of problems that comes with that. Debt, poor infrastructure, 1 in 40 American children with autism (by 2030 it's estimated to be 1 in 2 and then it's bye bye USA), cancer, massive corruption, poverty and extreme wealth at the same time, homelessness, suicide among veterans, oligarchy, Boeing doing their own safety tests (hello Big Pharma), 9/11 inside job. Do I need to go on?

We need something new but still based on the idea of liberty and individual freedom AND social consciousness (not socialism). Sorry Bernie, I'm not talking about the Scandinavian model. We don't have full democracy, something socialism can't provide anyway, in many ways are very similar to US with the same problems as we do what the Deep State and American Empire tells us to do and we are not into a divine reality that must be at the core of a sustainable model.

The foreign policy against Russia is an even worse error. In an effort to prove his innocence against false claims of collusion Trump is bringing us closer to a nuclear war. His ego and American psyche is playing him.

Plenty of so called patriots and #MAGA believers are awake and don't like what is happening. They want President Trump to do what candidate Trump promised. No more regime change wars! Sadly many Americans are still full of themselves, are all in for another war with Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Russia, or all at the same time, assert themselves as the "best country in the world" so they can "support the troops" and make a hero's homecoming at stadiums and other events not realizing they have never won a war since World War II.

Which one of the enemies are hardest to beat, the Deep State or American psyche with its severe Hero Complex? It has to be the latter as the first would never exist without it. One day Americans will wake up and say to themselves "what have we done?".

My fellow human beings, my American friends, we love you and need your creativity and other positive sides. Your Ego and Hero Complex not so much.

I hope the arrests will happen and we'll get the truth about many things, 9/11 the most important one. That will mean one enemy down. To deal with the other and reach real #MAGA I think a President Tulsi Gabbard would be an excellent guide.